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swimpatisserie is sustainable swimwear & activewear brand based in Bratislava, Slovakia founded in 2020 by designer Petra Kovacs. Within the swimpatisserie they have created own „Recycled Everything“ platform, which means that all the materials used in swimpatisserie brand are only from recycled materials.
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About Us
The whole production is under the control of two people, from producing product - pattern making, cutting, screen printing, sewing, through package and labels making to web administration and social media communication.

We have adapted the entire technology and cuts so that we have as little waste as possible during the production, which we managed to do. During the cutting process we have only small waste pieces, from which it is no longer possible to sew small gift items, thanks to the fact that the waste is really only a minimal %. Nevertheless, we honestly collect all this waste for the further recycling process.

Our plan from the very beginning is to stand up responsibly to the future of our products. If our customer decides to dispose of the product after the loooong time of its use, due to devaluation or for due to any other reason, we will buy this product back in the form of a discount for further recycling process. We are looking for a way, how we could efficiently recycle this waste for the production of a new fabric.

All our paper packages and labels are compostable! For text information on packaging and labels, we use a form of blind printing, which we also do manually in the studio, without any consumption of energy, electricity or heat and without the use of printing inks. Due to the fact that we do not use inks and our paper has a natural color from the admixture of fruit residues, our packaging and labels are completely compostable.