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I am a clothing designer focused on creating for women. I profess the principles of minimalism, sustainability, slow fashion. In addition to creating collections, I also focus on building a capsule wardrobe, mostly in pastel colors and using effective cuts with the least amount of waste.
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, 082 05 Šarišské Bohdanovce

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About Us
I'm close to minimalism. However, minimalism, which is not strictly stern. I prefer a minimalist design that feels femininity, is playful, does not deny colors, but effectively combines them, which makes a woman stand out and makes her unique. I emphasize wearability, comfortable cuts and materials.
I profess the principles of slow fashion, I try to use waste material effectively. In the long run, I focus on creating collections for women using various textile techniques, but I am currently working intensively on creating a capsule wardrobe made of natural materials.