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AWA is a Bratislava based brand founded by Anita Virág in 2017. The designer studied fashion and textile design in Budapest. The brand is heavily inspired by the life events and topics close to the designer. The brands goal is to combine visual storytelling with sustainable and wearable pieces, to create fashion, that is not only visually appealing, but conciously sourced, locally made and promoting a message with purpose.
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Biskupická 17, 821 06 Bratislava

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Individually by agreement via email, phone and social networks IG and FB.

About Us
The brand AWA is focused on designing unique textiles that tell stories. The digital drawings are transferred to natural materials such as organic cotton, and recently aloe vera, through digital print. Every collection is inspired by specific stories from everyday life. In our previous collection we wanted to raise awareness about domestic violence, in our new collection we were inspired by the stories of our elderly, we wanted to capture these forgotten stories through textile.