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The brand ColoMBiana and all of its products are built on the same principals - eco friendly, traditional, durable, a fair approach to people, quality, timelessness, finding feminity in simplicity, a focus on detail and variability of how you wear it. Thanks to that you can combine a complete and original outfit of 100% linen clothes and organic jewelry with us, in which you'll be clothed in the force of nature.
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About Us
The originality and uniqueness of the ColoMBiana jewellery comes from the precious La Tagua, an exotic nut from the tropical rainforests. It is the only vegetable product which by its composition, hardness and colour is almost identical with animal ivory and therefore La Tagua nuts are also called “vegetable ivory”. Each coloMBbiana piece of jewellery is unique thanks to the natural material which can be different in size, shape and colour. The quality mark and originality of the jewellery is achieved by being 100% handmade.
It is crucial to us that our products are not made with any types of chemicals, thats why we get our linen from small European manufacturers, its certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, meets strict international criteria and health safety regulations on all aspects of production.