MARINÁ's founder originally graduated with a degree in history. Later in life, she chose the path of personal experiment by applying to study fashion design at university. In 2018, she concluded her studies with a fashion show and founded her own brand MARINÁ. She continued experimenting, discovering an aptitude for original patterns, an element which her fashion importantly relies on. She finds inspiration in Slovak and world art, painting, conceptual art, sculpture and literature. The designer strives to attain maximum variability, play and comfort in wear of her designs while maintaining the brand's minimalist character.
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About Us
MARINÁ was established by fashion designer Marina Žiaková, based in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. The brand offers minimalistic design, creativity, variability and extraordinary comfort. Some of the characteristic features of the unusual design are playfulness and monochrome colors. Brand MARINÁ turns clothing into a game. Individual articles of clothing are combinable with each other. The designer communicates with the wearer by allowing “him” or “her” to find their own way of wearing a piece, as can be seen with the original UFOdress, which offers more than 50 different possibilities and variations of wear, in the form of a dress, pants, or a skirt. Brand MARINÁ makes use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, and silk. In the process of cutting and sewing the clothing, MARINÁ tries to minimize waste.