Nataša Štefunková


Store Studio

Bespoke custom made jewellery. Nature and organic-shape inspired jewellery with a story. Brooches and all types of jewellery are made from silver, gold and some of them combined with gemstones and pearls.
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Šulekova 19, 811 03 Bratislava

Opening hours
Monday: 11:00 - 20:00
Tuesday: 11:00 - 20:00
Wednesday: 11:00 - 20:00
Thursday: 11:00 - 20:00
Friday: 11:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00

About Us
My artwork is inspired by nature, organic shapes, structures and forms. Most of my jewellery work is bespoke, one piece and custom made. I also have a minimalistic, organic line of jewellery, where I create multiple pieces of one design. All of my jewellery is designed and handmade by me ;)