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We believe that less is more and our main goal is to keep minimalism, cleanness and simplicity in everyday life. The brand insists on bringing comfort into daily experience as it uses sophisticated materials and wide shapes blending with the figure lightly. At the same time, the quality of the materials combined with basic designs are aimed to provide a long-term resistance. Besides the pureness, BIELA also brings honest quality of local production coming along with the uniqueness of our products.
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About Us
BIELA is based on strict minimalism determined by simplicity, purity, geometry and quality of materials. All models are designed to meet high standards of tailoring and design. Last but not least, our "oversized" cuts without patterns or complicated cuts allow them for an easy "up-cycling". Nevertheless, we believe that our designs are truly timeless. We create clothes designed for long-term wear, we do not seasonal production based on trends. We rely on quality, proper care of our materials and appreciating our clothes as such. In our offer, we return to the basic elements of the wardrobe with an emphasis on quality, not quantity.